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Artifacts are items needed to create Legendary Items. They drop at random throughout the game but generally off boss monsters or via Large Chests at the completion of a full encounter.

Icon Item
Effect Hero Buff
Icon Witchdoctor's Feather Movement speed increased by 50% after a critical hit. All
Icon Perun's Shield Strap 11% chance to stun enemies for 1 second when hit. All
Icon Stribog's Talisman Health potions replenish 100% of your resource pool. All
Icon Crown of the Mammoth King After stunning enemies with Orange Tarot of Destiny, the next attack is always a critical strike. Masha
Icon Horn of Veles When Shield of the Righteous receives damage, heal yourself and all allies in an 8m radius for 15% of the damage received. Istok
Icon Wing of Smargl Using Flash grants 2% health regen per second for 5 seconds. Lukian
Icon Iron Maiden Pendant Root immunity. Each root attempt heals you for 80%. All
Icon Perun's Gauntlet 20% chance to explode with a frontal wave of divine energy for 150% lightning damage in a 6m line when attacking with the primary attack. All
Icon Perun's Mask When 2 or more enemies are hit, there is a 50% chance of summoning 8 random lightning strikes in a 6m radius. Each lightning strike deals 100% lightning damage and has an AoE of 2m. All